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November 02, 2009


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Wow. That's a huge drop off in bonuses. I wonder if that's a commentary more on the lack of money firms have in general these days, or how very overpaid associates were at this time last year?

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I'm actually very surprised by this. I've heard many firms forgoing these bonuses based on the economic state we are in.

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I'm actually very surprised by this. I've heard many firms forgoing these bonuses based on the economic state we are in.

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I wonder how much will be the cost of the bonus for 2010.. Will it be better or not...


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class of 2008) will receive $7,500. Second years (class of 2007) will receive $10,000. By contrast, when the class of 2007 were all a bunch of first years, they got $35,000. Let's all take a moment to reflect on the difference 365

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when the class of 2007 were all a bunch of first years, they got $35,000.

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Ow? I also wonder how much will be the cost!

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the numbers truly pale in comparison to last year's.

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