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November 05, 2009


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I think we should blame Hollywood for this.They have made going to a law school so popular and tuition and fees at law schools are ridiculously high now.

Dean McAdams

Law school costs so much because it is a simple outdated, now defunct formula of Return On Investment (ROI). Pay big bucks to make big bucks. Put out the word, it DOES NOT work anymore. Here in California if you want to make big bucks, become a prison guard.

Richard French

Competition among schools May be a factor but law is such a profession that people truly admire, so even if the law schools are charging so much,but it is important to note that the lawyers are paid too much !


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It's not just law school - it's higher education across the board that's getting more expensive. I want to send my kids to college - and am having to start making sacrifices already so that they will be able to go.


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I think we should blame Hollywood for this. By the way, nice article! Interesting topic :)


Since 1994, tuition and fees at law schools and selected professional schools have increased, and trends in minority enrollment have been comparable across types of schools. At law, medical, and dental schools during this time period, Hispanics and Asians/Pacific Islanders increased as a share of enrollment or stayed at about the same level, while African American enrollment declined or stayed at about the same level

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Year by year, law school really increases their fees. Because of the demand of the teachers for this very complicated type of education.

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According to law school officials, the move to a more hands-on, resource-intensive approach to legal education and competition among schools for higher rankings appear

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accreditation requirements appear to play a minor role. Additionally, officials at public law schools reported that recent decreases in state funding are a contributor to rising tuition at public schools.
The report is from the United States Government Accountability Office (and available here as a PDF). The report also focuses heavily on minority access to law school, and the declining presence of African American stud

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