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October 12, 2009


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Leslie Burns-Dell'Acqua

I am one of the CWSL bloggers and I have to say that you're ranting is ill-informed.

I've never had anything edited from any of my posts nor are they all happy-happy-joy-joy. I think I am honest--I've posted about the insanity, the incredible volumes of work, and how there are times where each student is convinced s/he is the biggest idiot on campus. I emphasize that it is work.

Of course I have in my head that the blog is a marketing tool for the school and I do tend to keep things positive, but I do that because it is in my nature to be positive. As my BizOrgs professor said, "entrepreneurs are by nature optimists" and since I have been running my own biz since 1999, I guess I fit that. I don't see anything good coming from posting negative stuff... at least not without including a lesson learned or a possible solution. Bitching just to bitch signifies nothing.

CWSL has been very hands-off about what I post and they have never objected to anything I have posted on any of my other blogs (I have personal and biz ones, too).

Oh, and the blogs are not "sponsored." I do not get anything for blogging for CWSL. Wait, I did get a surprise very small credit (way less than one book!) to the school bookstore after my first year of blogging, but that's it. Full disclosure.

So, to quote the movie Stripes, "Lighten up, Francis."

Leslie Burns-Dell'Acqua

And I'm disgusted at my own typo... should be YOUR ranting. D'oh!


I don't think hosting a student blog is necessarily a bad idea for law schools or law students who participate in them. At least someone at Cal Western is savvy enough to realize that (a) blogs exist (many schools haven't gotten this far yet) and (b) their target audience reads them.

As to credibility, I would tend to discount the information on any company-hosted blog, including a law school's. I'm not sure I would call them "thinly veiled PR pieces" but we all start out blogging with some idea of what we want to write about. In this case, there's a self-selected group who saw the opportunity to blog about the school as more valuable than the time they would have otherwise spent doing other things. I would guess that a group like that would skew positive from the average of the student population.

What will really be interesting is if a truly negative statement is made on one of the blogs - critical of administration, individual professors, etc. - what the school will do about it. There are three obvious choices for the administration in such a scenario: (1) respond and engage (2) ignore it (3) quietly 'disappear' the blogs. I would like to think CWLS would choose (1) but if push came to shove, suspect they would choose (3).

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