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October 27, 2009


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Pearl Pendant

Looks like it was a great party and fun was had by all.

Account Deleted

even as tuition prices inflate. Where are you all getting the money to feed the US News monster? It's certainly not coming

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Mental slap complete, I cuddle up with her, apologize for being tired and cranky, and tell her that the honest truth is that nothing is more special to me than being her mommy, and being there for her.


Incredible voice, incredible smile - she sings for the joy of doing and sharing her gift! I'm in Japan too (18 years and counting) and Dre-com, along with Sazan are two joyful music making groups that make up for all the junk here ... and there ... maybe ?

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It sounds so well of your post.Thank you!!


Gucci will always remain in our dictionary

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Sounds new to me. Nice post by the way.

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