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October 05, 2009


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Something exceptional and scary is happening in Division 40 of the criminal courts building in Los Angeles(Clara Folz.)

Judges are committing ex partes(witnessed by many public defenders) and an innocent person is being destroyed for reasons that might involve Californias governor(he has the same lawfirm as the false accuser) Four judges have ruled in ways that adhere to no law or sense and they all were appointed by the Governor. One is Villagrossa's sister. She is completely corrupt and her clerk won't even file the defendant's motions. In desperation, the prosecutor is now trying to have the defendant declared "incompetent" though this is so obviously crazy that many Public Defenders are up in arms. This doesn't tell the whole tale but please look at this file and the minutes for th is case 8CA10541.


They didn't really take less part-time students. They just opened an additional full-time section and offered spots in that section to those admitted to the part-time program. Those that wanted PT to begin with stayed, and those that didn't, switched. I was originally supposed to start PT at GW this fall, but deferred due to an illness in the family. I was e-mailed by GW offering me the chance to switch, as was everyone else in the PT program. So, them "taking" less PT students isn't really true.

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and part-time students mixed together," Maggs said. "Both our GPA and our LSAT [scores] fell substantially from

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