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September 29, 2009


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Jon Rogers

Just to let you know, the $30 windows discount is for the "upgrade" version of windows only. Not the full version you need to install for bootcamp. You need to have some flavor of old windows to upgrade from to use the $30 version they are sending you.

Julie Anne I.

Hi, Jon. I'm following up with Microsoft on the Windows 7 install. I'll post more when I get more information :) Thanks for your comment.


I don't think all Mac-using law students are hipper and more attractive than their PC-using counterparts...there's a flaw in your logical reasoning.

Julie Anne I.

UPDATE ON WINDOWS 7 OFFER: According to a Microsoft spokesperson, the offer only "applies to upgrade versions of the software only (for US students), meaning that students need to have a genuine version of Windows XP or Windows Vista on the PC they’re looking to upgrade. More information can be found on the Windows team blog:"

I guess it's back to contemplating buying a netbook or the windows xp/vista os for me. :( boo.


You need to have some flavor of old windows to upgrade from to use the $30 version they are sending you.


Im gonna get it no matter what.

Procrastination Free Living

Hmm I think that's for upgrading the software. Windows 7 is great and easy to use it..!!

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kompiuteriu remontas

For students windows 7 should be for free :) Or I'll choose ubuntu instead.

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