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September 14, 2009


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Interesting publication


Didn't like the lizard on a stick. I've always thought Survivor was environmentally conscious, but animal cruelty is unacceptable.

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I was dreaming. I was in a luxury hotel in Europe. I was at a scientific conference giving a speach on evolutionary psychology. I was speaking very passionately about the subject. I woke up and bounded out of bed still almost ranting passionately. At that moment I looked down on the floor and say an anule lizard (the lizard had gotten into my house from a hole caused by Katrina-I let the lizard stay because it scared away the roaches). The lizard seemed to be listening to my rant very intendly, very adoringly, almost as if worshiping me. I said to the lizard "You know what I mean don't you lizard. You come from a long line of ancestors that bares out what I'm saying". The lizard looked at me and seemed to say "Yes brother, I know what you mean. We're strong, we're fit. we will endure."

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not clear to me that law students are survivors. could you explain more on this topic

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Wow these are popular - look at all the responses. I am going to try my level best to use them and not just keep and gloat, but will try and match them up to the recipient

which will be interesting.
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What gorgeous projects you created. Especially love the Enya with the punchinella touch.

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