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September 11, 2009


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Irina Lymar

TestMasters and the LSAC have settled their licensing dispute. Pursuant to the settlement agreement, the parties have filed a joint request that the court dismiss the lawsuit. TestMasters has paid the LSAC the full $1,047,490 owed under the previous license, and the LSAC has granted a new license to TestMasters. ... d-the-LSAC

TestMasters is not and has never been opposed to paying the LSAC for the right to use authentic LSAT questions. The crux of the dispute was that TestMasters did not want to pay licensing fees if its competitors and other third parties were not. The licensing fees are considerable, and fairness dictates that if TestMasters should pay, then everyone else should also pay. We are happy that we were able to reach an amicable resolution to this matter.

Irina Lymar
Programs Director

Julie Fern

Well.. Robin Singh allegedly argued that "he would pay up if he could but he cannot." Then, magically, he comes up with over a million dollars. What kind of person trained in logical reasoning would argue that 'he acknowledges the debt but would pay up if he could"? Looks like Robin Singh is strung out on too much Johnny Walker shots.

Julie Fern

Testmasters of Robin Singh fame (notoriety??) eats crow -- that would be a more appropriate title for this page.


Johnny Walker shots? More like too much coke snorting. The whole company is going up his nose.

TestMasters will be out of business in a year.


TestMasters' licensing dispute with the LSAC was settled in less than two weeks. As a result of the settlement, the LSAC issued TestMasters a new license.

It seems that Julie Anne, a former Blueprint student, has quite an agenda against TestMasters, citing an anonymous post by a Blueprint agent on Top Law Schools' online discussion forum. Earlier this year a jury found Blueprint LSAT Prep owners Matt Riley and Jodi Triplett guilty of defaming TestMasters on a similar online forum. And the jury awarded TestMasters $45,000 in damages on the defamation claims. Apparently some people never learn.

Julie Anne's claim that TestMasters was on the losing side in the Blueprint litigation is laughable. In addition to the defamation judgments against Riley and Triplett, the other owner, Trent Teti, was found guilty of breach of duty of loyalty, breach of employment contract, and malice. The jury awarded TestMasters over $200,000 more on those claims. And the LA Superior Court issued over $1.6 million in sanctions judgments against Blueprint for committing perjury and destroying key evidence. Blueprint is very unhappy with the result at the trial court level and has appealed all of these judgments. If Blueprint cannot get these judgments overturned on appeal, their business will be in jeopardy.

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Surprising for them. It's a sudden change to the policy.

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