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September 14, 2009


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Oh; you make studying sound so easy... Yet here I am reading the same Contracts case for the 6th time and I still feel like I'm out of my element.

I only use one color of highlighter but I am one of those people who talks about how I was up all night (actually, up all morning--I'm def. a morning person). I don't talk about it because I think I'm great; I whine about it because I'm insecure and wishing I could relax like everyone else.

I suspect that those who talk about how law school is no big deal are pretty insecure, too, but I'm so busy re-reading this case that I can't think about it too much.
Thanks for the great tips.

P.S. You PROMISE I don't need to know case names?


Hang in there, Laura, it really DOES get easier with time! As to the case names, it's sometimes helpful to know the names of one of the parties in the big cases - like Hawkins v. McGee in contracts - but you can do just as well by calling it something that's easier to remember, like "the hairy hand case." The important thing is the concept each stands for, not the name of the parties who litigated it.

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