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September 08, 2009


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Yay! Im glad to find you here Dennis!


Well, now I feel all inspired to blog :)


Haha yay!


If I could number eleven to this list, it would be to "be thoughtful." That is the simplest, best advice a person can receive, and it's advice anyone can follow in any situation - learn to write thoughtful posts, and everything else will fall into place.


If someone has to be convinced to blog, what they have to say may not be worth reading...


Ah, I think there is an audience for any type of blog... but even if there isn't, the journaling benefits are worth it.

Laura McWilliams

I started blogging in August when I was stressing about the start of my first year of law school. In the first three weeks of school I've managed to post about three times a week. You know how watching television makes you feel guilty because "you should be studying?" Blogging isn't like that for me. My writing skills, which had gotten rusty in the years since I graduated college, improved hugely just in the first few weeks of blogging. I hear that writing is one of those skills every lawyer needs. So writing a blogpost is 'practice.' It's also a creative break from CREAC and IRAC and case briefing and outlining. My blog is all me.

Fire Detection

but I think maybe you can blog about how busy you are... don'tyou think.
it could be a great theme!!!
so please keep bloggin, I love read new blogs

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