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August 19, 2009


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HA, HA, HA! Alas, sweeeeet revenge! All u obama voters, all u idiots who have voted the same liberal jerk offs in office, OVER and OVER and OVER again, who continually spend on things we've warned against for years, i.e. FREE TUITION FOR ILLEGALS, FREE HEALTH CARE FOR ILLEGALS, WELFARE FOR LAZY PIECES OF GARBAGE, etc, etc... now it's coming back to bite ya all right in the ARSE! Thus the reason I left that shit hole state. I've warned for years against out of control spending and even today, you've got this FAKE republican (swartznegger) who is about as liberal as you can get spending and spending your state into oblivion!!!! LIKE IT BITCHES???? I DO! Now you'll see how the vicious cycle that conservatives have warned against for years works. Your money goes into the toilet, thus they have to TAX YOU MORE and raise prices MORE and so on and so on. Smart people aren't able to go to college, economy eats shit, people turn to crime and all the heart warming, luvy dovy LIBERAL GARBAGE you all have been advocates for for years and years is now coming to fruition. And what's next? THE ENTIRE COUNTRY UNDER THIS PIECE OF SHIT PRESIDENT! LEARN ECONOMICS YOU IDIOT LIBERALS, IF YOU DID, YOU'D NEVER VOTE THE WAY YOU DO!!!! SCHMUCKS! HOPE U ALL DIE POOR AND HUNGRY IN THE STREETS FOR MAKING OTHER PEOPLE'S LIVES MISERABLE AND FULL OF TYRANNY!!! SERVES YOU ALL RIGHT!

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