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July 27, 2009


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John E McCue

Julie Anne, you are not up on the history of Northern California trying to stop UCLA being built. Even the "Grapes of Wrath" folks then becoming the major foes of immigrants into California.
And now we have Julie Anne wanting to stop the UCI law school. How about an online law school Julie Anne. (Stanford has 30 graduate degrees in engineering).
As the history of the old school boards made up of the local farmers (the Republicans of the time), they did not want the students to move up in class or jobs since they wanted them to stay as farm field hands.

Sam Behar

I agree with Bainbridge. The California Postsecondary Higher Education Commission recommended against the UCI Law School because it said there were already and would be in the future many more law school graduates than the state needs. But the UC Regents and OC lawyers supported the school because there wasn't a prestigious enough (for them) law school in the region. UCI's website is full of blatant untruths, such as alleging that law professors' high salaries proves that there is a dearth of lawyers. Law professors have high salaries because there are so many applicants and so few positions. Meanwhile, law firms are closing because they have no business, and UCI wants to flood the market even more. Just another example of how the UC system doesn't serve the needs of the public.

Account Deleted

, with the California economy doing even worse than the nation as a whole, we have even less need for extra lawyers than we did when the (California Postsecondary Education Commission) rejected the Irvine proposal back in 2006

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