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July 14, 2009


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That's...not happy news. At all.


I am not happy with my room mate,she don't have friendly nature.
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I am looking for a watch. Its has to be black, it cant have a rubber or metal band, I want one that is fabric, hopefully non-reflective, preferably water resistant. Does anyone know a watch like this. Please let me know.

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How does the summer and winter correlation work?
How does that work? I mean like a mild summer equals a mild winter or hot summer equals cold winter? I don't know which one it is? So far I think we have had a mild summer but thats just me.

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What will be your harvest this year, my friends?

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Usually success and failure is just one step away,Life is a combination of success and failure. Both are needed

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slams his club into his bag, aggressively flings his club over his shoulders,

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