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June 26, 2009


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I'm doing my best to care, but just can't.

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I agree with this because music must never be named because music is an inspiration to reach all things we have dreamed in our lives, it a mental way to fly an be free.

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I download this video yesterday and it is so enjoyable because it is another funny way to follow Harry potter Stories I have a lot of fun while I was watching it.

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Some things are just wrong - like the musical of Sweeney Todd. A mass murderer. I think for different reasons, this falls into the same category!

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The email came out this morning at 12:11am, so I haven't had time to talk with any fellow students, but my guess is that they will be thrilled with the change. It's unfortunate that the current outgoing 1L class had to suffer through the last year of harsh grades, but the positive news is that the next two years will be a little better. With all this excitement how can I possibly study for my crim exam at 1:30? Oh yeah, the old grading system will determine my grade...

There is my motivation.

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I believe that if people upload music videos to youtube, they don't have to take it off youtube, because sometimes we need to see those videos and we can't, and is not fair


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wait a second...Harry Potter musical???? oh my sweet God! what kid of jokes is that? I was bored with the movies, and now I have to listen a musical, is not for me, is for my wife, she loves this character.

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