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May 29, 2009


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Maite M. Ayala

Hey! I'm from Argentina, and I'm studying Law and English Translation. I've really enjoyed reading this post! Although I haven't finished my university career yet -it's just the beginning!- sometimes I ask myself that question... I think you've said the right key point, you've got to know what the career is about, but above all this, what the job is about.
Despite the fact that in my country lawyers, judges, and every thing related to law is despised, I'm proud of the career I've chosen, and I'm totally excited about my future. Every night, when I go to sleep, I try to figure out different ways of contributing to something essential in our lives- Justice.

Thanks, I hope to read your next post very soon...


Scott Palmer

Law school is difficult and frustrating and more than a little scary sometimes, but I would definitely do it again. Would I do things differently? Sure. Law school is unlike anything you've ever experienced, but it's also incredibly rewarding to accomplish.

Here are some things I did right...

I finished in 3 1/2 years by going at night year round. It was hard, but while I have a little school debt, it's not overwhelming because I wasn't borrowing living expenses and tuition, and I paid what tuition I could along the way.

I attended a school focused on becoming a lawyer, not on some abstract theory of law. Going to a Tier 1 school is great if you want to go into politics or become a law professor, otherwise go where they will teach you the mechanics of your new profession.

I networked at every opportunity. This has already served me well - and continues to pay dividends every day.

I volunteered for stuff. Never underestimate the power of free. If you help people out, they remember it - and if they can help you out in the future, they will.


I'm happy I went because I'm not the same person I was before law school. I think differently. I have doors opened to me before that I never thought would be.

The people you refer to, especially the one living in their parent's basement, simply aren't trying. If I was in a basement with no money and a law license I'd be going to the library every day to use their internet access and I would learn everything about one area of the law - I'd become an expert at something. I'd start a legal blog about that topic. I'd do pro bono work in my community, as malpractice insurance is usually provided by the nonprofit sponsoring a pro bono program. I'd do something other than sit in a basement and waste my spectacular education. Oh, and I'd get a job doing something, anything - not working is terrible for your self esteem.

Law school and the accompanying license is not a magic bullet - it's more like a can opener. If you sit there and lament that you don't have a can to open, I agree that it isn't worth having a can opener. But if you're willing to do the work, you become invaluable to people in need.

In the interest of full disclosure, I graduated from a Tier 3 school in January, passed the bar, have a non-legal job that pays me well, and after I'm sworn in two weeks from now, I'll be hanging out my own shingle. If you're considering, regretting, or thinking about this at all, I'd be happy to talk anyone through their questions.

Julie Anne Ines

Maite: That's an awesome attitude to have! Thanks for reading! :)
Scott: Thank you for the great points made throughout your post, and congrats on passing the bar!


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Should you go to law school? Depends on your expectations > be honest!

For the money > check your facts

For the prestige > ha!

For the education > getting warmer

Because it's your dream > voila

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