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April 22, 2009


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I think this merger has been secretly happening for years. When I was at UCSD almost all of the law-related Poliscie classes were taught by Cal Western profs. Coincidence? No, shady...



I think you're right. A couple of people I spoke to while writing this item indicated that this "merger" rumor has been around for awhile. How were the Cal Western profs? Were you annoyed that you were getting a fourth tier education at a UC (and paying UC tuition for it)?


Haha, no I was grateful because they were the easiest classes around - which is saying a lot because I was a Poliscie major. The profs always seemed to be cool, young guys. They were always once a week, three hour classes, with no mandatory attendance. Your final grade was based either on an open-book racehorse final or a final paper. They're probably a little harder on the law school kids.


A proposed merger between the two was first seriously weighed in 1981-1984, there are records of it in the Mandeville Special Collection. UCSD and Cal Western have this weird amorphous quasi-partnership agreement to share resources. There's a jointly conferred Master's in Health Law.

Most people figure that it's a matter of "when" not "if". It would be great to see it happen close in time to UCI getting off the ground. It would make a great case study for which works better, building from the ground up, or absorbing and improving an existing institution.

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