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April 01, 2009


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berkeley law student


it is my understanding that berkeley law meant this to be a confidential session in order to cultivate candor and honesty toward students from mr. zeughauser. instead of respecting berkeley law's (and presumably, mr. zeughauser's) wishes, you elected to come in, report on what he had to say, and interview our students. from what i can tell, you are neither a student nor affiliated with berkeley law, and your reporting disincentivizes anyone who may come forward with information in the future. thanks for ruining it for all of us.


a berkeley law student

Another Berkeley law student

It was my understanding that speeches you give to over a hundred people on a propos topics in law school have approximately a 125% chance of ending up on the internets...

 Another Boalt Hall student


I think you meant "interwebs."

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