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March 09, 2009


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Well the first answer sums it up I think. Why did you go to law school? "I don't know, didn't want to get a job." Not a very good start and he doesn't want to even be a lawyer anymore. You will never get a job with that attitude. And if you do, there are probably 10 people behind you that wanted it 10X more than you because they actually want to be a real-lawyer. Jaggers went to a top tier school and is in the top of his class and it sounds like he is giving up! Amazing. Oh well, if you give up then all the better for me.

Do not get caught up in the whole "well everyone else doesn't have a job either, it's the economy's fault, blah blah blah." This thinking will sink you. Have some heart! Someone like Jaggers is in a better position than most, hell a better position than me academically, to rebound if he just keeps his head up.

For new admittees out there, there are opportunities with your local bar associations for pro-bono cases such as family law and eviction defense. The SF Bar and Alameda Bar associations have a ton of things you can do. Not much help for $$$, but if your school offers loan forgiveness these may qualify you for that, plus you get experience in court with real clients that you can turn into a possible solo practice until you land a permanent position somewhere. (If you handle enough clients, I think 2 start to finish, you qualify for their referral list which will send you paying clients). And they train you for free which counts as MCLE credit. It also looks good to employers that you're not just sitting on your ass looking at craigslist all day. There is a ton of work out there to be done.

Don't be depressed and become sedentary or stagnant! Keep moving and doing stuff.

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i like this part of the blog:"I absolutely feel like this is the economy’s fault. I’ve consistently been in the top 15-20% of my class at a top tier law school, I have letters of recommendation from each of my employers and I have experience in several different areas of law.
I’m no longer depressed about the situation though – I’m viewing it as a blessing in disguise. Truth be told, I don’t even want to be lawyer. The lack of legal jobs out there will allow me to pursue something I actually enjoy, rather than get sucked into a career that will destroy my soul.
" is very good

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The only thing we can handle is to cherish what we have now, our career, dream, friends and lover.

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There are some things that aren't meant for us. Going on what you like is the most correct way of having a career that fits you.

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