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October 16, 2008


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Yeah, those tests should have sections on awareness, social skills and common sense, lol

John Clement

Ok, this article gives very little information about the study, so it's impossible to draw any firm conclusions. However, I have read a great deal on job performance correlations, and it seems that beauty is the most important factor in determining the financial success of a lawyer. Now, as someone who has more brains than beauty, this feels very unfair. I think it's unfortunate that a person's bone structure is more important than his effort in his career. Since the "halo effect" of attractiveness is typically what accounts for high ratings of social skills for people in these studies, I'd assume "beauty over brawn" is exactly the conclusion this report comes to. Good social skills are found in every laywer. It's actually very difficult to find a shy, awkward individual persuing a graduate degree in any field.

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