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September 24, 2008


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Correct me if I am mistaken, but the bar and accreditation standards mandate how many hours of education students receive before they may receive a JD. So whether those hours are spread over three years or crammed into two, the JD is still earned for time served.


You're not mistaken. That was the point of my final paragraph. Simply abolishing the third year doesn't really change anything except that it allows students to start earning real money a year earlier. That doesn't mean those extra hours of education that compose the 3L year, or are smashed into the two years of a two year program, aren't a waste and an excuse for schools to charge more money...



Thomas B.

The reason there is a three year of law school is for the school to make more money. That's a good enough reason.

That aside, it seems ABA standards are not rationally related to the purpose of education. Law Firms still require writing samples, there are people that graduate without the skills they need to pass the bar, and JD's are not viewed by employers as a valuable degree unless you have some other skill that is relevant.

Seriously, why three years of school? As noted above, most employers require a writing sample. That's pretty much admitting that you don't learn anything in three years of school. Additionally, if you look at the Federal hiring standards, they view a JD the same way as a two master's degree. Example, for a GS-9 position they value education as such "2 full academic years of progressively higher level graduate education or masters or equivalent graduate degree or LL.B. or J.D." So what does that say about a legal education? It connotes that three years of a legal education is merely equivalent to a two masters in any other field. Pretty telling.

Finally, despite all the talk about a JD being portable, the fact is it is not. Most employers require some type of relevant undergraduate degree, like accounting or finance. What does that mean? It means that a JD is able to tie his shoes, but without something else relevant, they are not intelligent enough to work in a job that a mere B.A. can do.

Get rid of the 90 semester hour requirement and get rid of the third year of law school. It's a sham to make more money off law students.


The third year of law school isn't any different than the fourth year of undergrad: just another opportunity for elective classes, externships, clinics, and out-of-classroom experiences. Maybe 3L should be optional, but it shouldn't be put down in the same category as a fifth year in college.

I'm a 3L, and I really value the year because it allows me to take higher-level courses that I didn't take in 1L and 2L, to work a few different jobs, to do a clinic, and to bolster my experience for when I get out of school. Don't get me wrong - I'm really looking forward to graduation working full time - but 3L seems like a good way to squeeze in that last bit of "ooh I really want to take that class" before leaving academia presumably for good.

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Are you kidding? This is a vacation. Yes, I'm paying for the vacation but if you're lucky enough to have a job lined up, enjoy these last few months of freedom before you have to REALLY work hard.

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This three-year period applies only to people who pay the thirty thousand dollars per year or are there scholarships?

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This means that the thirty thousand dollars that each student pays, does not guarantee good education?

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