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July 31, 2008


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So when you type grass, do you end up with gra§?


Judgement (with an "e") is a perfectly acceptable, though slightly UK, way to spell the word.

Personally, I want an AutoCorrect feature that notices when I use two versions of the same term in the same document, and corrects one of them.

E.g., I want Word to notice when I use "judgement" and "judgment" in the same document, or "quantum meruit" and "quantum merit," or "law student" and "neurotic wanker," etc.

Now, THAT would be handy.

PS: Little known fact: Spell check in Microsoft Word for Mac doesn't reach the TOC. How do I know? I know because I was once busted for using "judgement" and "judgment" in the same TOC. And the "busting" took in oral argument.

Justin Gosling

M: no, only the standalone "ss" triggers AutoCorrect. Double S words like grass and Mississippi are not modified.


If I can give one sole cautionary note? At some point in your 3L spring, you might want to try working in a very basic text editor, without using AutoCorrect and without using spell check. Why? Because if you are planning on using your computer to take the bar exam, odds are that you won't have a spellcheck function and you certainly won't have AutoCorrecting, so, you'll want to get some practice in.

I definitely spent my last 5 minutes on the MPT fixing the 15 times I misspelled misrepresentation in different ways (by missing a letter here or there).


FYI --

To get the section symbol (§) "traditionally" in Word, use alt-0167.

To get a bullet (•), use alt-0149

You are correctly using AutoCorrect to control how your words are spelled (i.e. judgment without the extra e), but you should be using AutoText for your other shortcuts. You can actually create AutoText entries such that you can type one word or a mnemonic and have an entire paragraph or a whole page generated. I have a mnemonic consisting of three letters that generates a Certificate of Service for me. The possibilities are endless!

Also, you can create a section symbol by depressing your ALT key and typing 21 on your num pad. Also you can depress your ALT key and typing 20 on your num pad to get a paragraph symbol. There are many, many special character that can be utilized quickly and easily using your ALT key.


I am looking for plaintiff and defendant symbols (alt+ ##) and can't seem to find them.

Plaintiff is two vertical lines with a swirl "T" on the top
Defendant is a triangle
Thank You

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Okay, I'm feeling all Will Smith in Six Degrees with this question, so
I'm signing off. Thanks for the full complement and I look forward to
working with you in the future.

Again, best of luck on the project!

Puma Clyde

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it got out of hand. but that is what can happen when religion, evolution issues arise between a young earth creationist and an atheist.
i didn't think it was a big deal and i never changed my feelings about you.
Also, you have the same feelings about evolution that i have about how i feel about a young earth.


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I woke up this morning and the first thing I normally do in the morning is look for newer information for my knowledge, but the article that I read today which was written by you just blew me off. I cannot believe anything ever can happen. I too agree with your conclusion and more and more furor should be raised on such topics.

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