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July 09, 2008


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Scott Graham (Cal Law editor)

I agree this is a thoughtful piece, but I find it ultimately discouraging. Here is someone who began her career with the idea of doing what is right, and has now morphed into an advocacy-bot, relentlessly hammering at reasonable doubt without regard to circumstances. Then she turns around and complains when prosecutors fail to consider the humanity of her clients or the circumstances of their crimes! The criminal justice system is designed to be adversarial and it presumes that some percentage of criminals will not be convicted -- I accept that. But I think everyone is best served when both sides take real life into account when litigating their cases.

Abony Holmes

I don't know, I almost feel comforted by the idea that she is working as an advocate rather than doing what she feels is right. I like the idea of a more objective criminal justice system, and I don't think I can trust her judgment on what's right, but I can trust her when she zealously she advocates for her clients. Sometimes real life can be too complicated to take into account, and it's easier (and more practical) to deal with the legal issues as best you can and leave the personal stuff to social workers. Of course, my opinion is colored by the fact that I'm currently doing direct service work with indigent clients, and pretty much everyday I'm swamped with "real life" and wish I could relax with a purely legal issue.

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