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June 05, 2008


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Seriously? It's that bad?

I mean, seriously?

Justin Gosling

I think students with nothing better going on can run into trouble because they underestimate the commitment law school requires. I've blogged before about how law school is difficult, but not impossible, and that applies here as well. The difficulty is even more pronounced if you don't have some sort of law school related passion driving you forward. So for this class of students, those attending because there wasn't a better option at the time, then yes, law school can be that bad.

If it's not commitment they struggle with, then it might be the loan money, or the three year time commitment, or the general apathy toward the material in the required courses, etc..... My point is that law school is difficult and if you are only attending because there isn't anything better going on in your life then you should seriously reevaluate your priorities because that is a foolish reason to attend.

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