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April 01, 2008


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davis 0l

im a davis 0l right now. the drop in rankings is a little disappointing, but it will not be affecting my decision to attend. davis has dipped in to the 40s twice before since the early 90s, so its not earth-shattering or anything.

just wondering though... the deans official stance is out. but whats the consensus/feeling amongst the students/faculty @ king hall? do they have any additional insight as to what caused the big drop (keyword being big)? do they care? are they confident that this is not the beginning of a downward trend?

It has been a topic of conversation among students, and the reactions seem to range from apathy to all-consuming anger. A Facebook group was created to discuss/vent. There was a big student meeting (I did not attend) during which, from what I hear, various excuses and accusations were bandied about.

I don't think people feel there is a downward trend. There has been lots of criticism of Career Services since I got here and I think this brought that to a head. There is some anger that the issues weren't corrected sooner.

Some people are also angry that Persch's email wasn't sent out sooner and they believe that administration doesn't care as much about rankings as students do. We are getting a new Dean next year, so I think the drop (and the aforementioned perception of administrative rankings apathy) is making students more interested in the selection process, which is a good thing.

same davis0l

i vaguely heard about that, though im having trouble finding info on it online. is he stepping down this summer or next summer? any particular reasons? do they already have a dean chosen or are they still searching?

as far as im concerned, the rankings are a catch-22. if you dont play the game, you get burned. (see: hastings in the early/mid 90s.) since its the only game in town, if youre not participating, youre making a statement, but everyone else who views these rankings as the bible doesnt care that youre making a statement. they see that your school has dropped in the rankings & its just a vicious feedback cycle.

if you do play the game, well, youre just as complicit as everyone else who swears by the rankings, despite whatever your own personal beliefs are about the rankings.

its an all-round unfortunate situation. its too bad the deans of all the majors schools cant bandy together & agree to not put that much creedence in to the rankings - or at least promote and support efforts of other rankings w/ transparent methodology & meaningful indicators

Yeah, I agree with your rankings analysis. Unfortunately, the catch-22 you describe is probably here to stay. It might be up to students and prospective students to maintain perspective in its face.

I think that Perschbacher is leaving because Davis has a 10 year "term limit" for deans, although I am not positive that this is correct. They have been conducting a dean search, with student interviews, etc., and have narrowed it down to 2 candidates. I think the Chancellor decides and nobody I've talked to knows exactly when he will do that.


April 3, 2008



Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to tell you that Professor Kevin Johnson has accepted my invitation to serve as Dean of the School of Law, effective July 1, 2008. Professor Johnson is a highly respected member of the School of Law faculty who emerged as the candidate of choice after a national search generated a strong pool of individuals. I very much appreciate the work of the Recruitment Advisory Committee as well as the many thoughtful letters from the Law School community that were submitted at the end of the interview process.

The Office of the President has asked that we not make a formal announcement until the Regents have had an opportunity to act on his appointment at their May meeting—hence this e-mail rather than a press release or other form of communication.

You may share this information internally as needed. We will make a formal announcement of Kevin’s appointment as soon as we are authorized to do so. In the meantime, please join me and Interim Provost Horwitz in welcoming him to his new role. Join us as well in thanking Dean Rex Perschbacher for 10 years of successful leadership of the School.

Larry N. Vanderhoef

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