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March 25, 2008


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Ruben A Yustor

Not only is law school hard but the practice of law is harder. Not in that you need to know a lot of information because its all in a book some where. It is hard because you need to find clients and keep up with billable hours and lead a normal life on top of that. You here the term "fake it till you make it a lot", and that is another reason the practice of law is so hard. You are being paid to know more than the average man on a particular cause of action. You are the expert no matter whether you have studied the case for ten hours or ten minutes. You always have to come up with a solution to some pretty weird problems and you have to do it fast, based on research, and better than opposing counsel. All the time knowing that you are not really wrong but you are not really right either. You just have to "fake it till you make it!"


If you think law school is hard you are either weak or stupid or emotionally well balanced and mentally healthy. A good lawyer can afford to be none of these.

Kate Strain

You capture the difficulty of communicating the first year law experience well. While it is something you must experience ultimately to understand, I do think there are specific actions a 1L can take to reduce the amount of insanity. If you want to help these students, send them to my website,


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