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March 28, 2008


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. . . . as someone else pointed out elsewhere, we Boalties would be speaking wisely of how foolish the rankings are if we had slid a slot or two, instead of babbling about how great it is that we bumped up a tad.

who cares?

what's true of the group as a whole isn't necessarily true of the individual, and what's true of the individual isn't necessarily true of the group as a whole. treating the relationship as though it is anything other than speculative is foolish and short sighted. I suspect that the deans who are looking into curriculums are saying that because they wish to assuage the fears of the hyper-pensive creature known as "the law student" and not because they are seriously going to tailor their program to US News.



Let's hope so, because the legal profession (and the legal educational system, if you ask me) already gets enough flak for its predilection for outrageous pr, no? We wouldn't want the situation to get any more outrageous.

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