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March 21, 2008


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I'll share my perspective. It's short and sweet:

Shame on the flier poster for slandering the hard workers at BHSA from the cloak of anonymity and shame on the anonymous flier poster for kicking off a "debate" that makes my school look like, as a commenter on Berkeley Law Blog said, "a bunch of wankers"

Okay, I take it back. That was short and not-so-sweet.

But the BHSA response was so polite and so wounded sounding that it kind of sparked my sympathy. Those people work hard for us. Why aren't there anonymous fliers that contain praise and compliments?


I agree that it is only an issue because they brought race into it, and I agree with Patrick - shame on the "anonymous" person. It's one thing to be a whistle-blower if you're trying to call out the Federal Government (a la Watergate), but another entirely if you are trying to bully around people that work really hard for us (BHSA).

At the exact same time, it was a silly email to send out; I've heard even minority BHSA members did not endorse it, and I doubt it was representative of the BHSA's feelings.

But yeah, at the very least black out the address (or sign your name to it).

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