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January 17, 2008


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Kirsten Wolf

Actually, I decided not to be a lawyer for many reasons, not just because of the opportunities -- in fact, the lack of opportunities was probably my last consideration at that point. What did become important, and why I try to talk to people now about grad school in general, was for me to actually try to find what would make me happy, instead of doing what I considered to be the "right thing", which, to me at 23, was law school. And I did come to the realization that lawyering was not for me, plain and simple.

Sorry for responding -- I've just had my life decisions questioned all over the internet over the past couple of weeks, and I feel like I have to defend myself.


kirsten -- no need to apologize for responding. in fact, we welcome it, and i think around these parts your decision is well-respected.

Abony Holmes

So since the original article didn't go in depth explaining, why did you find that you couldn't be happy as a lawyer? More information about that would be helpful to a lot of students, who have no idea of how to determine what will in fact make them happy...


"I can’t imagine that someone who came to law school looking for “more interesting” work would decide they no longer wanted to be a lawyer because they did not have the option of working for a firm. Maybe I’m naive or biased, but I believe there are plenty of interesting careers available to individuals with a law degree. I don’t blame Kirsten for thinking the way she does. I blame the law school culture that conditions law students to believe there is only one path — the large firm path."

You're dreaming. Law school is an overpriced sham for most students and she found out about it too late. Having a law degree doesn't do you any favors either, since employers are reluctant to hire someone who they think will leave the second they get a shot at a law job. Face it, law is a shit profession with shit prospects for those of us not in the top 5%. This girl is doing a public service.

$120K in debt for nothing

Law school is an evil bait and switch. If you are in it, get out, if you are thinking about it, stop right now.

ONLY go to law school if it is going to be paid by someone else, either family or scholarships.

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