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101 MBE Topics You Should Know

1. The Nature of Judicial Review
2. The Separation of Powers
3. The Relationship Between the Federal Government and State Governments 4. Individual Rights
5. Fundamental Rights
6. State Action
7. Commerce Clause
8. Due Process
9. Equal Protection
10. First Amendment Freedoms
11. Prior Restraint
12. Mutual Assent
13. Consideration
14. Third-Party Beneficiary Contracts
15. Assignment of Rights
16. Delegation of Duties
17. Statute of Frauds
18. Parol Evidence
19. Constructive Conditions
20. Frustration of Purpose
21. Impossibility of Performance
22. Discharge of Duties
23. Damages
24. Homicide
25. Manslaughter
26. Larceny
27. False Pretenses
28. Embezzlement
29. Burglary
30. Robbery
31. Battery
32. Assault
33. Attempt
34. Solicitation
35. Conspiracy
36. Right to Counsel
37. Right to a Fair Trial
38. Double Jeopardy
39. Searches
40. Seizures
41. Requirement of Personal Knowledge
42. Objections
43. Presumptions
44. Judicial Notice
45. Refreshing Recollection
46. Impeachment
47. Expert Testimony
48. Attorney-Client Privilege
49. Marital Privileges
50. Completeness Rule
51. Hearsay
52. Excited Utterances
53. Present Sense Impressions
54. Statements for Purposes of Medical Diagnosis
55. Statements of Physical or Emotional Condition
56. Business Records
57. Past Recollections Recorded
58. Statements Against Interest
59. Fee Simples
60. Defeasible Fees
61. Life Estates
62. Reversions
63. Executory Interests
64. Vested Remainders
65. Contingent Remainders
66. Joint Tenancies
67. Tenancies in Common
68. Subletting
69. Assignments
70. Settlors
71. Trustees
72. Beneficiaries
73. Rule Against Perpetuities
74. Fixtures
75. Essential Terms
76. Equitable Conversion
77. Marketable Titles
78. Mortgages
79. Lien Theories
80. Title Theories
81. Foreclosure
82. Land Conveyances
83. Adverse Possession
84. Conveyances by Will
85. Recording Statutes
86. The Four Unities
87. Trespass
88. Conversion
89. Negligence
90. Duty
91. Breach
92. Foreseeability
93. Causation
94. Products Liability
95. Strict Liability
96. Nuisance
97. Invasion of Privacy
98. Defamation
99. Assumption of Risks
100. Contributory Fault
101. False Imprisonment


Taking a Bar Review Course: It depends on how focused and structured U are.
For California, I would not recommend it unless U are extremely focused, structured and self-critical. If U can ruthlessly score Urself and redo whatever U missed and U have the time and concentration to study for hours on end, it is feasible. TU can buy the Bar Review courses directly from Bar-Bri for 1/3 of the price. It is important to get updated ones. Also, go over the released questions and whatever is highlighted in the books SCRUPULOUSLY.
I took the Illinois Bar (and passed it) without taking Bar-Bri. I don't know anyone else who has done this and I believe it is because it is quite nerve wrecking to not know how U are doing vis a vis Ur peers. However, not knowing if I was doing well, egged me to study more. 42% of my peers failed that Bar. But I studied 16 hours per day, and focused on the courses I did not take in Law School first, and in the end ran out of time for the courses I had outlined faithfully (and daily) in Law School, which were on the Bar but for which I was fortunately quite prepared.
The MBE is very important even though U might read reviews about it being only 35% of the exam so, whichever method U choose, do not neglect it. Even in California. Good Luck.

TU can buy the Bar Review courses directly from Bar-Bri for 1/3 of the price. It is important to get updated ones. Also, go over the released questions and whatever is highlighted in the books SCRUPULOUSLY.

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Vivian's course is a joke. You've been warned. Don't be like me and figure it out when it's too late.

I think our entire class of 20 failed after taking Vivian's course. I didn't see any of their names on the pass list! How embarrasing. There must be something she's doing wrong.

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