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August 24, 2009


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Julie Anne Ines

Hmmm ... I will have to try this "studying" of which you speak :) Welcome to The Shark, Dennis!


Haha, that wasn't too snarky was it? Glad to be here.

John Infante

Chuck Norris' outline was republished as the casebook.

On a serious note, the exact opposite of what happened during your orientation happened in my Civ Pro class when we had finished a big topic and the professor said "Now is a good time to start outlining." The people who already had started were glad to be ahead and the people who hadn't were glad to be told they weren't falling behind.


That was nice of her! Some of my professors were so removed from law school that they have no idea how exams or studying work anymore. "I dunno. You just do it. Why are you asking me? I'm just here to teach."

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