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July 23, 2009


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"In the classroom, one should be exposed to ideas, both agreeable and disagreeable, with one's world view, which I think the hooded dude represented."

Hmm. Do you think that the "pranksters" were really looking for an exchange of ideas there? What exactly was the teaching moment? It's not like they were actually trying to get into a discussion of any kind. If a protester shows up to a feminist professor's class with a poster of an aborted fetus--would you describe that in the same way?

The funny thing is that "How long do I have to stand here before it is torture?" is actually a really good question. It's the kind of question that the memo was trying to answer.

Dave R

First, a correction: the Nuts and Boalts blog has been updated and achnowledges the incident took place at Chapman.

Second, I agree with Skeptical. You don't "buy" the sanctity of the classroom "bit?" What about it don't you buy? Classrooms, as you point out, are places where students go to learn. This "prank" was highly disruptive at best best and frightening at worst. Calling it a "wasted teaching moment" is patently absurd.

What could Yoo have done to have avoided such "waste?" Engaged the Australian pranker in a thoughtful discussion about executive power in wartime? Please. If the comedy team had any integrity or wit, they would have ditched the hood and simply posed as a student, asking Yoo any of the legitimate and crucial questions that should be asked about his memos and their results. I bet he might even have answered. That's the real wasted opportunity.

Account Deleted

agree with his opinions on executive authority, but all he was trying to do that day was teach. I could sense his shame at being forced to end the course over something that had so little to do with his job at Boalt. It seemed like his sins were being visited upon his students, which strikes me as unfair no matter how terrible the sin. For lack of a more eloquent term, the whole thing

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