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April 01, 2009


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I've seen a lot of legal aid firms starting specific fellowships for deferrals and deferrals only, even the ACLU is doing one. I'm looking for a public interest/public defender/prosecutor job right now. This thought has crossed my mind. But what keeps me going is: why would a public interest firm hire a transactional attorney who showed little to no interest in public interest during law school, probably has no experience in public interest or service work at all, and will bail the first chance they get, when they also will have a lot of genuine candidates with relevant experience and a genuine desire to be there?



Thanks for your comment; I definitely have the same kind of questions about how all the deferral fellowships will affect the public interest market. Please keep us posted on your job hunt.


SFJD - Good point.

One reason PIs might go with the deferred is that deferred people are free because their firms are paying them, not the PI orgs. It's basically free temp work.

They may also want to branch out (widen their base, in political terms), and hope they can convince a few people to defect, or at least see more value in PI.

That's about all I've got. Like I said, good point, and I really hope that you're right.

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