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April 02, 2009


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PSLawNet is where I have been seeing the deferral positions, they have a job search function like many other career sites after you register with them which is free. (And a tip, although they have a zillion search parameter options you don't actually have to choose all or any, e.g. you can just search by state if you want). and also are public interest/legal aid oriented job search sites. Idealist is not attorneys-only but they will list attorney openings.

Julia Wilson, Executive Director, PIC

For deferred associates interested in placements in California, the Public Interest Clearinghouse (PIC) and the State Bar of California have done a survey of CA public interest nonprofits interested in serving as host organizations for deferred associates. Many of those nonprofits have posted their information on PSLawNet, as referenced above.

The Public Interest Clearinghouse (PIC) has also compiled information and job descriptions from participating nonprofits - that information is available online now. If you are a deferring associate, please email, with your contact information, what law firm you are deferring with, and you will receive the link to the online materials.

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