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January 15, 2009


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Joel Leppard

Hello Brian-

[Full disclosure --I am interested in animal law.]
Thanks for your post about Animal Law. I'm glad to see it's so popular at UC Davis. Thanks also for the links. The most popular student organization for those interested in the legal status of animal is the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

I'm taking Animal Law currently. While my course focuses on Pet law, most courses focus on the legal and ethical issues that en company our relationship with non-human animals. The area is currently one of the fastest growing areas of law/legal scholarship today.

Our casebook covers:
Definition of Animals
Animals As Property
Ethical Treatment of Animals
Commercial Use of Animals
Torts (IIED, NIED, vets, etc)
Criminal Law (animal cruelty statutes)


Hope this helps!
~Joel Leppard
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I've heard recently that there is a new branch of law dealing with animals. Is this true? I am a huge animal lover and was looking into it. What exactly does it do, what do you major in, etc.

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Apparently the first day of class didn’t really provide any answers regarding the subject matter either.

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