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August 14, 2008


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law student

Just as a note, that e-mail doesn't actually say fees haven't been FINALIZED--only that they haven't POSTED to your account. Which is probably just a paperwork issue and it's not like they're going to shoot up or anything. Boalt's financial aid office told me earlier in the summer that they did not anticipate any further fee increases for this year. But it does suck in terms of getting your financial aid in a timely manner.

Just so you know, UC Berkeley students did not get a similar e-mail. In fact, our fees HAVE posted to our campus accounts and sufficient financial aid to cover those fees was deposited in the last few weeks. I have not heard otherwise, so I expect the remainder of our financial aid will be deposited and refunded to us during the first week of classes as usual. So don't worry too much. If one UC can do it, the others will figure it out shortly.

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