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May 07, 2008


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Significantly higher July 2007 first time pass rate than San Francisco Law School: 42%. And, it should be noted, some of their repeat takers passed, too (unlike SFLS, where all 15 flunked).

Justin Gosling

Concord calls it “distance learning.” Unfortunately for them, the ABA calls it “non-accredited.”

Best line of the week.

Abony Holmes

Ok I thought this title meant that Concord law school would be in my underwear eating cheetos.


Haha yeah, I seriously googled "in your underwear eating cheetos" to see if it was some pop culture reference I was missing... then i got it...

(in case you were wonderng, this post is the first thing that comes up)



I clarified. Where's the coffee?

Debbie Hogan

We don't all live next door to an ABA accredited law school. There are actually intelligent people who live in
geographically challenged areas who would like to serve the legal needs of their community---communities
that can't afford to support a Harvard grad, but nonetheless need services. Justice for all means providing it
for all. An online law school can help make this happen. The ABA approved schools are not making this happen.
Many can't afford to take three years off, move families, sell attend traditional schools, and if they
do, they can't afford to go back and serve the smaller, remote communities. What is so hard to understand here?
Concord Law school should be welcome in rural states. It is not a second-rate education, nor is it filled with
second-rate students. The state bar associations need to investigate the quality of this program and remember
that they need to help serve the needs of their states---even the rural portions. An online law school should
be welcomed by them. Shame on them.


Concord is one of the most expensive online schools, yet you get nothing for what you pay. Faculties are not good at all. Grading is not good, or fair. My essay was graded each time by a different TA, and confusing comments are received. Always same grades, even if you address all issues, and they comment that you have addressed all the issues.
The Faculty is horrible. They get few students of their own circle, interact with them and get them good grades at the end. I received Criminal Law A, Tort B and contract C in my Final, my grade was B, C, C- when it was posted. Faculty, sometimes are expensive , stuck up attorneys, who make you feel stupid, and put you down, any time you ask or email a question. Financial Aid, make you cry and scream. Mistakes, after mistakes, lies after lies. You don't receive any support at this school. I am trying to pass FYLSE by the help of Flemings materials, and I think, I will be successful. Meanwhile, what do we get? The stuck up detached school, posts there that or, only GPA:over 3 would pass FYLSE.... It is a huge mistake to start with them. I had a great GPA(over 3.5) when I applied to them, I worked very hard, I receive stuck up Professors, confused, scattered TAs, and very unorganized Financial Aid, taking over 10,000 USD every year, holing your book and educational assistance up at school and mislead you that you would receive the money anyday. Overall, a system of dictatorship, hypocrisy, control and stuck up , phoney instructors, all playing a game they care about the students, they never do. They even control the Web sides and post numerous dependent websites and filter students comments. They posted the GPA in correlation to passing FYLSE to show that it is students fault if they don't pass, hey look good students pass, some one need to ask what happened to 7 years after that Data? why aren't you posting that? They are so phoney, they are so Hippocratic, they are rip off, and never think of student, just phoney to take your money... Students...! don't go there, if you care .... ask few people before you do....


@Linda, wow that rant was incoherent, illegible and full of typos. I'm not a student at Concord, but your post has proven to me that they at least have high standards as evidenced by what I believe is you saying you came in with a 3.5 GPA and now you are really struggling.

To me that statement indicates that wherever you were at before was guilty of grade inflation.

I can't speak to anything else you mention, mostly because your rant is a bit hard to follow, it's late I'm tired and frankly I don't care. But Linda, honestly, I would like to make a heartfelt and sincere recommendation to you; you should evaluate yourself and if this is your normal style of writing, please go somewhere and take a remedial English course because clearly your ability to articulate is significantly impaired and this is most likely effecting your grades.


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